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Associa Cares Donates Additional Funds to Help Residents of Marco Polo Tower

Mar 30, 2018

Honolulu, HI – March 30, 2018 – Associa, the industry’s largest community management company, has earmarked an additional $50,000 through their national nonprofit organization, Associa Cares, to continue to help the residents of the Marco Polo Tower after the devastating fire in July.

The funds were allocated with the specific goal of helping residents who need to temporarily relocate during the abatement phase of the building’s reconstruction. These funds were raised by Associa employees from across the country to assist owner-occupants and tenants whose units have been damaged.

“To date, Associa Cares has distributed more than $93,000 to more than 120 residents of the Marco Polo Tower,” stated Andrew Fortin, Associa Cares president. “The resilience and spirit of community shown by the residents in the rebuilding process has been inspirational. We hope the additional funds can help those most in need as the community continues its recovery.”

Associa Cares funds are distributed to families of Associa-managed and non-Associa managed communities. To donate to Associa Cares or apply for assistance, please visit our website at

Associa Cares is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization created to assist families and communities in crisis as a result of natural and man-made disasters. Through donations raised from Associa employees and at fundraising events across the country, Associa Cares is able to provide necessary goods and services to the families affected by these types of tragedies.

With more than 180 branch offices across North America, Associa delivers unsurpassed management and lifestyle services to nearly five million residents worldwide. Our 10,000+ team members lead the industry with unrivaled education, expertise and trailblazing innovation. For more than 40 years, Associa has provided solutions designed to help communities achieve their vision. To learn more, visit

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