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Associa Arizona Gives $15K to Charity

Dec 8, 2014

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – December 8, 2014 – Associa Arizona recently held a fundraiser at TopGolf Riverwalk in Scottsdale that brought in more than 100 participants and $15,000 for Associa Cares, benefiting families who’ve experienced a crisis at their home.

“The 2014 Steve Johnson Memorial Fundraiser was a tremendous success thanks to our incredible business partners,” says President and CEO Paula Randolph, PCAM®. “It is humbling to host such a meaningful event and cherish the memory of Steve with his family and loved ones; we are looking forward to doing it again in 2015.”

Steve Johnson was a community manager at Associa Arizona and the driving force to establish an Arizona fundraiser supporting Associa’s national non-profit, Associa Cares. Steve spearheaded the inaugural Phoenix event in 2011; however, he tragically passed away before the event occurred.

“It is such a blessing to work for a company that values people like Associa Arizona does. We are honored to spend time celebrating the life and legacy of Steve,” says Community Manager Elizabeth Galindo.

“With the support of dozens of amazing business partners like AAA Landscape, Associa Arizona was able to offer the most successful Steve Johnson Memorial Fundraiser to date,” says Director of Client Relationships Jake Hoffman. “Associa Arizona is aiming to bring about a new era in community association management in Arizona, an era centered on valuing people and serving a cause larger than ourselves.”

With offices in Scottsdale and Gold Canyon, Associa Arizona’s focus is on delivering professional, consultative management services that enrich communities and enhance the lives of the people it serves. To learn more, visit or find them on Facebook by visiting

Building successful communities for 35 years, Associa is North America’s largest community association management firm and serves its clients with local knowledge, national resources and comprehensive expertise. Based in Dallas, Associa and its 8,000 employees operate more than 150 branch offices in the United States, Mexico and Canada. To learn more about Associa and its charitable organization, Associa Cares, go to and

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