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Associa Cares is a non-profit 501 © (3) organization that was created by Associa and its family of management companies to provide assistance for those in need as a result of natural or man-made disasters. Our primary mission is to provide financial assistance to people who have met with a qualifying disaster that impacts their home. Grants are limited and considered on a first come first served basis. Victims of disaster that do not live in Associa-managed communities/strata are also eligible. Questions and Requests for Assistance should be submitted to, or complete the Request for Assistance Form below.


Typically, when a request for assistance is made, the following process is observed:


  1.  Request is received from an applicant, Associa branch or committee member by completing the online form below and including requested documentation
  2. Request is reviewed by staff, additional documentation requested of submitter, if needed.
  3. Request is forwarded to National Committee for consideration, secondary review by Board of Directors.
  4. The National Committee/Board of Directors responds in a timely manner commensurate with the scale of the disaster, the nature of the need, and the availability of Associa Cares’ financial resources.
  5. Staff follows up with submitter to report decision on the request for assistance.
  6. If approved for assistance, a check is requested for distribution to the recipient.

Do you or someone you know need assistance? 

Complete the Request for Assistance Form below