Luanne Crilly


As Senior Vice President at MRCM Associa, Luanne has worked closely with the President’s office for 21 years, responsible for corporate administration with a strong focus on customer service.  

Luanne was originally a client of MRCM’s and sat on a condominium Board of Directors serving as president for more than a decade before joining MRCM.  At the time of joining, MRCM was a company of 18 employees and managed under 50 communities and Luanne worked alongside the Founder and President. MRCM is a little company that grew, now serving over 300 communities. Involved in many corporate initiatives including internal and external communications, Luanne is the central contact for any client concerns.  Luanne is also the company’s internal and external event planner, coordinating employee retention events at MRCM, including the annual golf tournament in support of Associa Cares for over a decade, and the coordinator of Board Education events available to our clients.  Luanne is passionate about customer service excellence.

Prior to MRCM, Luanne was an executive administrator to the President’s office at Laura Secord, a Canadian chocolatier company with offices across the country. Supporting the leadership team for 15 years, Luanne was also the customer service contact for all customer concerns. This was, without a doubt, a “sweet” career.

An honour graduate of Ryerson University, Luanne holds a bachelor’s degree in Administration.

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.