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Associa Cares Donates an Additional $50,000 to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Aug 28, 2017

Dallas, TX – August 28, 2017 – Associa, the industry’s largest community management company, has donated an additional $50,000 through Associa Cares for hurricane relief. The added funds, increasing the total relief amount to $100,000, will be used to help those affected by the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

It has been reported that Hurricane Harvey has dumped roughly 11 trillion gallons of water on the Houston area since Friday. The violent winds and record breaking rain fall has led to dangerous flooding that has submerged countless homes and businesses. The rising water level has turned streets into rivers and has left an overwhelming number of people stranded and in need of help.

“Hurricane Harvey has caused significant damage all across the Houston area; not only has it affected our communities but also our Associa Houston offices and employees,” stated Andrew Fortin, Associa Cares president. “We are continuing to do everything we can to assist those most affected by this devastating storm. Our home office is also conducting a supply drive for the Dallas-based shelters in anticipation of the arrival of evacuated families.”

If you would like to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, please visit Associa Cares.

Associa Cares is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization created to assist families and communities in crisis as a result of natural and man-made disasters. Through donations raised from Associa employees and at fundraising events across the country, Associa Cares is able to provide necessary goods and services to the families affected by these types of tragedies.

With more than 180 branch offices across North America, Associa delivers unsurpassed management and lifestyle services to nearly five million residents worldwide. Our 10,000+ team members lead the industry with unrivaled education, expertise and trailblazing innovation. For more than 40 years, Associa has provided solutions designed to help communities achieve their vision. To learn more, visit


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