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Associa Cares Donates to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Jan 22, 2013

DALLAS – Jan. 22, 2013 – Associa Cares, the philanthropic arm of Associa, assisted more than 48 families affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

The superstorm, with damages of more than $71 billion, left an estimated 380,000 homeowners throughout the Mid-Atlantic coast without electricity; with significant wind and water damage; and many flooded.

The Associa Cares disaster response program is designed to provide timely and prompt response to individuals in need, regardless if they live in an Associa-managed community. Before the storm made landfall, Associa Cares began working behind the scenes to devise a proactive plan to help affected areas.  The organization preapproved $250,000 to assist families affected by the devastation.  When made aware of families in need, Associa branches reached out to Associa Cares with the information of those who needed assistance.

“While no amount of money can make up for emotional damage caused by this superstorm, we hope these funds can aid the individuals, and families can resume life and return to normalcy as quickly as possible,” said Joey Carona, president of Associa Cares.

Associa’s MAMCO Property Management in Mount Laurel, N.J. provided assistance through Associa Cares to:

  • Three families in Ocean City, N.J., who lost everything in the storm, including the Logue, Firetto and DiStefano families.  
  • Sixmembers of the Ludwig family who lost all of their belongings due to flood waters.. The family lives in the Brick Area of New Jersey.
  • Three families near Long Beach Island, N.J., including the Donaway family who will be displaced for at least three months; the Hann family who had severe water damage; and homeowner Carolyn O’Brien-Busco who was left homeless after her home was destroyed.
  • Peter Cicione of Sea Isle City, N.J. who was left with five feet of sand inside his home after the surge subsided. Donna Vitale’s ice cream shop in the same area was destroyed by water.
  • Two families in Rockaway, N.Y., including Jessica Houck and her three children, whose apartment was flooded; and Joseph and Dorothy D’aleo who also lost their home.
  • The Konopka home in Bucks County, Pa., whose home was destroyed when four trees fell and crushed the home.
  • Two families in Seaside Heights, N.J., including Valerie Yaisti whose first floor was destroyed by flood waters, and Tim Lavin who completely lost his home.
  • Three families in Mystic Island, N.J., including Irene Carney,whose home was destroyed and found two streets over;Geraldine Hampton, who also lost her home; the Bianchini family, who evacuated with only the clothes on their back; and the Pascavitch family, who had water damage and lost most personal belongings.
  • An island where the Smith family’s house was located disappeared during the storm.
  • Brandy Kean in Ventnor City, N.J.  FEMA declared her recently purchased home uninhabitable.
  • Three homeowners in Atlantic City, N.J. whose homes were lost or uninhabitable including Pete Vitale,  Jodi Haiduc and Debra Perez.

Associa’s Community Management Corporation in Chantilly, Va., provided families with assistance through Associa Cares to:

  • Three members of the Diaz family who lost everything in their Staten Island, N.Y. home after the first floor flooded.

Associa’s Mid-Atlantic Management Corporation in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., provided assistance through Associa Cares to:

  • Three homeowners whose home and property were damaged by fallen trees, including Charlene Woods, when her home was damaged by four fallen trees; Meg Kitchin, whose home is now uninhabitable due to damage caused by the fallen trees; and Marilyn Kelly, whose home was damaged on one side from a Norway spruce.
  • Richard and Michelle Gambone, who lost everything in their Manahawkin, N.J. home.

Associa corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas, learned of other family and community losses and provided assistance through Associa Cares to:

  • The Kissane family of Hamilton Beach, N.Y. for flood damage.
  • The four members of the Ale family who were displaced and lost all personal belongings.
  • Dale Burns of Jamaica, N.Y., who lost most of his personal items when his apartment flooded.
  • Kijana Noel of Brooklyn, N.Y. whose apartment was filled with four feet of sewage and water.

Associa Cares is a national nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization created to assist families and communities in crisis as a result of natural and man-made disasters. Through donations provided at fundraising events across the country, Associa Cares is able to provide necessary goods and services to the families affected by these types of tragedies. If you know of a family who has been the victim of a natural or man-made disaster, go directly to to submit a request.

Building successful communities for more than 30 years, Associa is North America’s largest community association management firm and serves its clients with local knowledge, national resources and comprehensive expertise. Based in Dallas, Associa and its 8,000 employees operate more than 150 branch offices in the United States, Mexico and Canada. To learn more about Associa and its charitable organization, Associa Cares, go to and Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, and watch us on YouTube.

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