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Ways You Can Help: Strive to be helpful in a time of Uncertainty

Apr 13, 2020


Make a monetary donation to an organization that is doing good work to help those most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Community clinics, shelters, and social services agencies are all worthwhile options with people on the frontlines helping those impacted most by this crisis. Cares Tip! Associa Cares is providing $150,000 in community grants to local nonprofits throughout North America. Associa Cares is working in partnership with Associa Branch offices to identify local organizations.

• As of April 3, 2020, we have awarded $66,000 of this funding across North America.

• Associa Cares is committed to supporting communities in need as a result of this pandemic through these grants. We remain dedicated to continuing our mission to provide assistance to families and communities in crisis as a result of natural and man-made disasters.


Other medical needs still exist. Medical facilities everywhere are experiencing a shortage of blood for patients. Understandably, people are afraid during this time to give blood, but the reality is that giving blood can be done safely and will save lives. Consider contacting a local blood bank to find out how you can donate safely and help. Cares Tip! Visit the American Red Cross at to learn more about local drives and blood donations during this time.


Unfortunately, natural and man-made disasters will continue to occur during this trying time. Your gift to Associa Cares ensures we can continue our mission to provide assistance to those impacted by these tragedies. Associa Cares responds to pandemics like COVID-19 by giving to organizations that directly assist those who are impacted. A gift of any amount is appreciated and is a perfect way to pay it forward. Cares Tip! Any donations received by companies or individuals during the next several weeks will be matched by Cares, $1 for $1 up to $100,000. These funds will be administered to organizations having a large-scale impact in response to COVID-19. To donate online please visit and note “COVID-19 Matching” during check-out.


BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR. Check in on neighbors in need. Whether it’s your elderly neighbor down the street or the family next door struggling with layoffs and childcare, you can serve as a helping hand in your own community. Even if you, personally, cannot offer assistance, a kind word of hope and support can go a long way.

Cares Tip! If you are able, offer to grocery shop for someone in need or donate food and household supplies you may have on hand. Check out this Neighbor Help Card provided by the Community Associations Institute to help you serve as a good neighbor.

VOLUNTEER (EVEN VIRTUALLY). Due to social distancing recommendations and local, state, and national ordinances, volunteering in personal is difficult. However, there are opportunities available that currently have a greater need for virtual volunteers.

Cares Tip! Consider organizations working to connect isolated, at-risk populations with a friendly voice or that encourage virtual education of a particular skill. Organizations, like Point of Light, serve as a resource for virtual volunteer opportunities during the COVID-19 global crisis. Please visit to learn more.


Donate non-perishable and other shelf-stable foods for those who need it most. Homeless shelters and food pantries are in desperate need of these items now more than ever. Cares Tip! Contact the identified organization before purchasing or collecting food. They will let you know if there are certain items they are in need of more than others and if there are any other considerations.


HOUSEHOLD & HYGIENE. Donate basic household and hygiene supplies, like toilet paper and hand soap, to organizations that serve the homeless or other at-risk communities during this time.

MEDICAL. Provide much needed medical and cleaning supplies to organizations and community clinics responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Cares Tip! Some organizations have specific guidelines on the size, weight, and amount of donations they’ll accept, so it’s a good idea to contact the identified organization or clinic prior to collecting supplies

The mission of Associa Cares is to assist families and communities in crisis as a result of natural and man-made disasters. To find out more visit

To view Associa Cares’ fundraising disclosure statement visit

To view pdf version of this article, click here.

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